Odell Glenn

Odell Glenn Jr.


Odell Glenn Jr. is a PhD candidate in the department of chemical engineering at The University of South Carolina.  He works under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Matthews in the Dense Phase Laboratory. His research is interdisciplinary in that he interacts with Biomedical Engineering and The School of Medicine at USC. His dissertation topic is entitled “Deactivation of Allergenic Proteins using essential oils in liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide.” The overall goal of this research is to develop a novel approach to reduce the potency of certain asthma triggers in indoor environments. The hypothesis of the research is that naturally occurring essential oils will demonstrate enhanced denaturing ability when delivered using liquid and supercritical CO2 as its vehicle. Odell is a nontraditional doctoral candidate. Prior to graduate school he had industrial experience while working as an engineer. In addition, he also taught engineering in the community college system in Connecticut. Odell has been a member of the Gamecock Toastmaster Club at USC for 4 years and presently serves as president.   Odell is also a full time caregiver for 2 lovely parents.

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