University Members Overview


Top Talent Fuels Top Universities

The top Engineering and Science universities in the nation are members of GEM's consortium. These universities are constantly looking for the best science students in the nation, and the competition is fierce. GEM Applicants are given a unique opportunity to present their skills and talents to these universities. GEM Alumni constantly maximize this opportunity into outstanding professional careers.


How can GEM benefit my University?

GEM offers universities a unique opportunity to recruit the nation's top Engineering and Science students. Through GEM's prescreening process, universities will have a pool of outstanding fellowship candidates that will already have a relationship with some of the top corporations in the nation, maximizing the candidates' performance in the university and their success after graduation. GEM applicants are outstanding students:


  • Over 80% of our MS Engineering applicants (2003) earned a 3.0 GPA or better.
  • MS Engineering graduation rate is 87%.

GEM applicants add to the diversity and quality of a university's student body and the rich professional networks that are built after those students have entered their professional careers. GEM makes these opportunities available to national universities, and many of the nation's elite Engineering and Science universities are already seeing the unique benefits GEM offers.


GEM University Members have a strong desire and commitment to enroll, retain and graduate underrepresented minority students in engineering or science graduate programs. The University Member provides tuition and fee support for each GEM Fellow as well as guidance and supervision to ensure each GEM Fellow successfully completes the program.

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