GEM University Membership

GEM University Membership

Financial support is often the deciding factor in a student pursuing a graduate degree.


Annual Fee

up to $2,500

Annual Fee

Universities pay an annual membership fee of $2,500 ($1,000 if they host/co-host a GRAD Lab event)

Tuition and fees


Tuition, fees, and a minimum of

$16K stipend

GEM University Fellows

Member Universities provide full tuition

GEM Associate Fellows

Member Universities provide full tuition and minimum $16K stipend –  no Employer contribution

GEM Full Fellows (Employer Selected)

Member Universities provide full tuition and minimum $16K stipend; Employers provide a contribution of $20K


  • Each University Member appoints a Board Representative who is committed to the objectives of the National GEM Consortium
  • Members attend the GEM annual board meeting
  • Members actively recruit from the GEM database
  • Provide faculty mentors for GEM Fellows and other applicants
  • Advocate funding of both Mater’s and Ph.D. GEM Fellows
  • Team with GEM to provide graduate development programming


  • GEM identifies well-qualified minority candidates for graduate study. Among our Master of Science in Engineering applicants, more than 80% earn a 3.2 grade point average or better
  • GEM offers access to students who already have a relationship with some of the nation’s top corporations, maximizing their opportunity for success
  • GEM provides opportunities for University Members to share best practices with a network of like-minded administrators
  • Member Universities receive access to the GEM Applicant Database, a rich resource of talent
  • GEM provides Member Universities a listing on the GEM website, new marketing materials, and new ideas
  • GEM’s unique business model provides Member Universities access to some of the best corporate minds
  • More than 90% of GEM Fellows complete their degree and go on to careers in industry and higher education, including professorships at Member Universities

Contact us to learn more about becoming a GEM member.

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