GEM Alumni Association

GEM Alumni Association

You may have asked yourself, “What can I do to help as GEM Alum?

The simple answer is PLENTY.

In order for GEM to continue the mission of helping more underrepresented minorities with advanced degrees successfully enter the STEM workforce; all hands are required on deck. Here are five critical ways you can begin to help immediately.

1. Expand GEM’s partners

Find out what your company or university is doing to increase underrepresented minorities with advanced degrees and connect the GEM staff to key decision makers to help fulfill both organization’s mission. Please contact GEM at if you would like to help expand GEM’s partnerships.

2. Join the Alumni Association

There are many opportunities for your ideas and enthusiasm for GEM! The GEM Alumni Association (GAA) is looking for talented alumni to help GEM. Here are 10 ways to get involved TODAY!

  • Become or identify speakers for the GEM Annual Conference, Getting Ready for Advanced Degree Laboratory (GRAD Lab), and/or Future Faculty and Professional Symposium (FFP)
  • Expand GEM Alumni’s on-line presence (agree to blog on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Help plan a GEM Alumni Happy Hour/Reception the weekend of GEM GRAD Labs
  • Partner on joint grant appeals with GEM member corporations or universities
  • Become a GEM Alumni Mentor for matriculating GEM Fellows.
  • Participate in GAA regularly scheduled conference calls/meetings.
  • Create on-line training webinars (e.g., You Tube TV) for prospective GEM applicants
  • Participate in Special Giving Society Recognition ($1,000+/year in annual giving)
  • Organize GEM Alumni Events (i.e. social, research and professional development)

It is the goal of the GEM Alumni Association (GAA) to create this influential network to make an impact on America’s larger community as it relates to the advancement of technology in America’s under-represented populations and to serve as role models for incoming talent to the executive and professional ranks.

Consider joining the GEM Alumni Association (GAA) today.  If interested you can join online or contact the GEM Alumni Association President for more information:

GEM Alumni Association 2017-2019 Board



Shameeka Emanuel, ’04
Graduate School: North Carolina State University
GEM Employer: Intel
Occupation: Program Lead, Google
View Bio

Vice President


Patrick D. Bynum, ‘14
Graduate School: SUNY Stony Brook University
GEM Employer: Brookhaven National Laboratory
Occupation: Data System Engineer, Gemalto
View Bio

Secretary/Membership Chair

Jomar Mendoza

Jomar Mendoza, ’17
Grad School: University of Southern California
GEM Employer: Northrop Grumman
Occupation: Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman
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Andrew B. Williams, Ph.D., ’96
Grad School: University of Kansas
Occupation: Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, School of Engineering, University of Kansas
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3. Become an alumni donor!

Give to an organization that helped anchor your career path. No donation is too small! Consider giving today! [Click Here]

  • Supporter        $100 or more
  • Patron              $250 or more
  • Distinguished  $500 or more

Dr. Adams GEM Alumni Circle Levels:

  • Silver Benefactor                    $1,000 or more
  • Gold Benefactor                    $2,500 or more
  • Diamond Benefactor              $5,000 or more

4. Sign-up to be part of the Alumni Speakers Bureau

GEM Alumni are a vital part of The National GEM Consortium. We thank you for your hard work and we would like to continue to keep you involved in the GEM community both as participants and role models.

One way to stay involved is to list your name and credentials as a part of the GEM Alumni Speakers Bureau. Our Speakers Bureau is GEM’s proactive solution to addressing the lack of under-represented STEM professionals with advance degrees who are visible to current and future under-represented graduate students.   Believe it or not, YOUR PRESENCE WILL MAKE A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE TO PROSPECTIVE STEM GRADUATE STUDENTS!

GEM needs your assistance, but more importantly, your testimony, to help foster the next generation of GEM.  We are currently scheduled to present workshops at GEM  GRAD Lab (Getting Ready For Advanced Degrees Laboratory), Future Faculty and Professionals Symposiums (FFP), and National/Regional Graduate Fairs throughout the country.

When you sign-up to be a part of the GEM Alumni Speaker Bureau, you will be asked to join the GEM Alumni Association for  a nominal fee, and provide information such as your current e-mail,  title, current employer, degrees conferred, graduate major, all contact information, specific GEM recruiting events of interests, and/or regional preferences for participation.

5. Attend a GEM Alumni Association Event

The GEM Alumni Association holds networking events across the country and hosts a national meeting, with professional development workshops specifically designed for GEM Alum, at the GEM Annual Board Meeting and Conference in August annually. Networking with other GEM Alumni is a critical to the future of the GEM program.  More information on future GAA Events is coming soon!

We look forward to your participation!