GEM for Alumni

My financial situation following undergraduate study made attending grad school right away a big question mark. Because of the GEM Fellowship Program, I love my post graduate career and I can’t imagine where I would be if not for the GEM Program.

Rebecca Hicks
Graphic Software Engineer
Intel Corporation

Being a part of GEM has allowed me to build valuable relationships with individuals and organizations. The title of GEM Fellow is a honor that enriches my life.

Eric Huey, PhD
Florida International University
Brookhaven National Laboratory

GEM was more than a privilege, it was a divine sign. I didn’t have the financial resources to pursue a graduate degree. My career is where it is today because of GEM and Intel.

Johnathan Lopez Morrell
Senior Component Design Engineer
Intel Corporation

GEM did a great job enabling and motivating me to pursue a higher education. Connecting me to Intel, my sponsor company, made the whole experience exceptional.

Gustavo Beltran
Technical Lead, Data Center Group
Intel Corporation