Giving to GEM

Giving to GEM

Thank you for your interest in GEM, a national leader in the matriculation of underrepresented minorities earning graduate degrees in STEM. Your annual support is critical to our mission and enables the organization to award more Fellowships and expand our mission.

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Challenges of Under-Represented Minorities (URM) in STEM

According to data collected by the American Society for Engineering Education, in 2012, underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities earned only 12.6% of all bachelor’s degrees, 7.9% of all master’s degrees and 4.6% of all doctoral degrees in engineering across all 345 degree granting institutions. The diversity of engineering faculty ranks is significantly smaller, particularly as the rank increases. Underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities constitute 8.6% of all assistant professors, 8.7% of associate professors, and 5.8% of full professors. Corporate citizens remained challenged in diversifying its talent pool as well.


GEM is a unique and powerful connection to a national network of universities and employers (corporations and national laboratories). This partnership promotes the participation of URM in graduate engineering, computer science and other applied sciences education and the technical workforce.

Annually, GEM is unable to support over 400 qualified applicants due to the lack of financial investments to support additional fellowships. These students are extremely qualified applicants who want to become Fellows and benefit from the services GEM’s renowned programs offers. This equates to more than 400 URMs not participating in internships at America’s leading technology companies who have self-reported a dire need to increase diversity. Increasing philanthropic investments to GEM are necessary and will immediately impact URM participating at internships and hired into the field.


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