GEM Employer Membership

See how GEM Employer Membership makes a difference

Acquiring top talent through GEM costs your organization 56% less than recruiting and onboarding qualified diverse talent on your own.


Annual Fee


Annual Fee

Employer members pay an annual membership fee of $5,000 and optional sponsorship of events

Sponsorship fee of


Sponsorship Fee

Employer members pay a one time contribution per sponsored GEM fellow.

GEM University Members on average provide 80% of the total graduate program costs, which allows your company to receive maximum value.


  • Each Employer Member appoints a Board Representative who is committed to the objectives of the National GEM Consortium.
  • Members attend the GEM annual board meeting.
  • Train Hiring Managers to help develop GEM Fellows and encourage matriculation /completion of the graduate degree.
  • Provide Mentors for GEM Fellows to help them successfully navigate their internship.
  • Advocate sponsoring of both Master’s and Ph. D. GEM Fellows.
  • Create and sustain a culture that supports the GEM mission throughout the company/laboratory.


  • GEM is a trusted recruiting resource for diverse STEM talent, with strong relationships with major science and engineering organizations for students and professionals.
  • GEM memberships offers a unique partnership with some of the top STEM universities in the country.
  • GEM provides opportunities for collaboration with some of the most successful engineering and science corporations in the world – all with the same recruiting challenges as you.
  • GEM’s emphasis on individuals from underrepresented populations brings diverse ideas in the workplace which has been shown to result in more innovative ideas.
  • GEM provides access to a robust pool of STEM talent from which to select individuals for Fellowships. A large percentage of GEM Fellows earn a 3.2 grade point average or higher.
  • Those students not selected for Fellowships are available for consideration in filling engineering and scientific positions throughout their organizations.

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