Employer FAQs

Employer FAQ

1. What is the cost of membership for my organization?

GEM Employer Members provide a top-level commitment to the GEM Consortium and recognize the Fellowship Programs as an important vehicle for the GEM Fellow’s personal development and academic achievement.

Each Employer Member appoints a well-qualified Board Representative who understands and is interested in the objectives of the GEM Consortium. The representative is skilled in human relations and has solid knowledge of their organization, its practices, procedures, and personnel. The Board Representative has energy and interest in promoting GEM programs and participating in the GEM Fellow selection process.

Program costs to participate include:

  • A sustaining membership fee $5,000 per year.
  • A recruitment fee of $22,500 fee per student. This fee provides a highly-qualified minority internship candidate seeking a graduate degree in science or engineering fields. Placed candidates will complete a minimum of two internships with the participant organization while pursuing their graduate studies with the ultimate goal being full-time employment upon graduation

2. What are the requirements to support a student through a STEM graduate program?

Supporting an M.S. candidate

MS candidates accepting the GEM fellowship agree to work as summer interns for an employer member while completing their MS studies. This results in two internship assignments with the employer: one prior to entering the master’s program and the other after completing one year of the program. Students are paid at the normal summer intern rates for the company. This is an excellent opportunity for GEM Employers to preview performance and cultural fit for potential full-time offer toward the completion of the second internship. Over 85% of GEM Master’s Fellows accept full time offers from their sponsoring Employers.

Supporting a Ph.D. candidate

Doctorate candidates are pursuing Ph.D. degrees in engineering or science disciplines. A paid summer internship is required the summer immediately after selection, which is often the summer before the student starts their doctorate program. Employers who sponsor doctorate students should make every effort to tie the internship assignment to the students intended area of research, such that a custom arrangement can be arranged with the students faculty advisor for potential engagement beyond the one required internship.

3. How can we become an Employer Member of The National GEM Consortium?

To become a GEM Consortium member, employers agree to make a minimum annual contribution of $27,500 (although we recommend Employers sponsor a minimum of two students each year for an annual contribution of $50,000) plus provide an internship experience for beginning students each year and a second internship experience for all returning MS fellows who have not completed their degrees. Agreement forms will be provided to new consortium members during the application process.

If you are committed to diversity as a business imperative for your company; if you are recruiting highly talented engineers and scientists; if you wish to build a pipeline of talent for your highly technical research and development areas, and if you would like to participate in the development of American Indian, African American, and Hispanic American engineers and scientists, we would like to visit you and your management team to share more information about the advantages of being a member of GEM. Please send an email of interest to info@gemfellowship.org to request an application to join or to schedule a phone conference with GEM’s Executive Director and/or a physical presentation at your site by one of GEM’s senior staff members.