Programming for Undergraduates

Programming for Undergraduates

Getting Ready for Advanced Degrees Laboratory (GRAD Lab)

The GEM GRAD Lab (Getting Ready for Advance Degree Laboratory) is a portable undergraduate program designed for hosting at GEM Member University campuses or GEM partners’ national conference to give under-represented STEM undergraduates information on the benefit of pursuing a graduate degree to gain access to high level research and technology careers in a highly interactive one-day event. Fall GRAD Labs are held September – November of each year on GEM Member universities campus as sole sponsorship events, or as regional collaborations of GEM University Members and GEM Employers. Our largest, signature GRAD Lab will take place during our Annual Board Meeting and Conference in August 2015 in Boston, MA.  For a review of our Fall 2014 GRAD Lab season, please visit our GEM GRAD Lab page.

National GRAD Lab Sponsor | $30,000

Become our National Sponsor of GEM GRAD Labs to receive branding, logo and ad placement on custom materials developed for the 12-15 GRAD Lab held in an academic year.

National STEM Diversity Partner Sponsor | $15,000 per conference

Our National MOU partners, representing our targeted under-represented groups, hold a GEM GRAD Lab each year. Sponsoring a GEM GRAD Lab at one of these premier national membership conferences will provide branding for your institution on custom materials as well as you will receive the benefits of your contribution level at each conference. 2014 locations are as follows:


GEM GRAD Lab Regional Sponsor | $2500

GEM holds GRAD Labs on Member campuses across the country. Sponsoring a GEM GRAD Lab at a partnering University and/or in a key geographic area allows strategic branding in front of a pipeline of performing talent. Please specify the regional area of interest and we will identify a University partner to host in this market.

  • New England GRAD Lab
  • Upstate New York GRAD Lab
  • New York City GRAD Lab
  • Mid-Atlantic GRAD Lab
  • Southeast GRAD Lab
  • Midwest GRAD Lab
  • Texas GRAD Lab
  • Western GRAD Lab

Please indicate your GRAD Lab sponsorship level when completing your sponsorship sheet:

  • Regional Employer Sponsor | $2,500
  • University Host Sponsor | $2,500
  • University Co-Host Sponsor | $500