Process and Schedule

We continue to develop the GEM application process to make it as manageable and efficient for all parties involved. We appreciate your interest in GEM and will do our best to make your relationship with us be a positive one. We have a number of people involved in the application process. GEM Recruiters, Alumni, Minority Engineering Program Administrators, and Employer and University Members assist in recruiting students. This page has several types of information regarding the application process.

If you have other questions about this process, please contact us.

Schedule for 2021 Cycle

July 1– November 13 Students apply online for the GEM Fellowship. Students identify a minimum of three (3) GEM Member Universities they plan to apply. Students apply to graduate programs to a minimum of three (3) GEM Member Universities immediately upon completion of the GEM application, and before each universities application deadlines.
October 1 Submit your application, unofficial transcript, and resume for early consideration. Supplemental materials must be submitted by the application deadline on November 13th.
November 13 GEM Complete Application annual deadline is November 13th at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. A complete application includes a statement of purpose, unofficial transcript and three (3) recommendations submitted via the online application system.
November 14– January 15 GEM Fellowship submitted applicants begin or complete STEM graduate school applications by their respective posted deadlines, but no later than January 15th.
December/January Selection Committee meets; GEM Employers may contact eligible GEM Completed applicant for internship interviews for potential GEM Fellow sponsorship.
February/March Selected applicants are notified of GEM Employer Sponsorship.
March/April Selected Applicants verify admittance in a GEM Member University, submit an official transcript from current university, and sign GEM Acceptance Agreement, Code of Conduct, and University Support Commitment Agreement.
May GEM Fellowship Award Letters are disseminated.
May–August Summer internships at GEM Employers.
June GEM Fellows submit mid-term internship evaluations.
August GEM Employer representatives submit final internship evaluations. GEM Fellows submit final internship evaluation.
September Students meet with GEM University representative on campus and update eGEM record with graduate plan and applicable updated transcripts.

Fellow Selection

The GEM Office is responsible for soliciting, screening, and processing applications. Applications received by the submission deadline are screened and certified for eligibility. Those approved for fellowship consideration are forwarded to the GEM Selection Committee. Applications and application materials received after the submission date are not eligible for consideration.

Students are matched to Employer members based on compatibility. The GEM Office notifies all applicants of their award status.

Award Notification

Selected applicants are sent a notification of GEM Employer sponsorship and are asked to complete three forms: Student Acceptance Agreement, Code of Conduct, and University Support Confirmation Agreement. The Student Acceptance Agreement is a contract between GEM and the student that specifies the Fellow will pursue and complete their degree under the terms and conditions as outlined in this Agreement. The applicant becomes a GEM Fellow once all forms are signed and submitted to the GEM National Office along with an OFFICIAL transcript from their current or last university attended.
GEM Consortium Members place applicants not selected on a list for possible later selection. All GEM Consortium Members receive lists of certified applicants not selected initially for GEM Fellowship awards. These applicants may be contacted directly by GEM Consortium Members for a future GEM Fellowship, to be named a GEM University or Associate Fellow,  or possibly other educational or employment opportunities.

Graduate Admission

GEM Fellowship awards are only valid at GEM Member Universities, and each GEM University exercises its own admission requirements and standards which are independent of the GEM Fellowship requirements and standards. Applicants who are seniors or who have baccalaureate degrees must apply for graduate admission to GEM Universities at the same time they submit their application materials to the GEM Office.

Graduate Enrollment

The MS Engineering Fellowship requires a student to pursue a master’s degree in the same or related discipline in which they complete their undergraduate degree. Minor variations are permitted if specified on the fellowship application and approved by the GEM Employer Member; however, the length and level of funding associated with the award remains the same. Note, if a change in major requires a lengthier academic program to satisfy deficiencies or prerequisites, this is not a sufficient condition or justification for extending a fellow’s funding or granting a waiver of summer internship requirements.