Student FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

GEM Applicants

1. Is the GRE required?

The National GEM Consortium highly recommends all students considering applying for a STEM graduate program to take the GRE. However, the GRE is NOT required for the GEM application. Each GEM applicant is required to fully answer questions posed in the on-line application about the GRE.

2. How do I qualify for Early Consideration?

Simply submit Part I of the application, including uploading your resume and unofficial transcript, by October 1. On October 2nd, GEM will preview your application with GEM Employers for Early Consideration. You still must complete Part II by the published application deadline in order to be selected for confirmation of the GEM Fellowship.

3. Where do I mail my Official Transcript?

Official transcripts are only required if selected for confirmation. When sending official transcripts, please mail the following address once an applicant has received confirmation of GEM Employer sponsorship as a potential GEM Fellow via email. We recommend that an official transcript be mailed POSTMARKED no later than March 31st. GEM also accepts secure official eTranscripts emailed from the institution at
The National GEM Consortium
1430 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

4. If my current University says they will support me as a GEM Fellow, do I have to apply to three (3) GEM Member Universities?

Yes! Applying to three (3) GEM Member Universities is an ABSOLUTE requirement. If you are currently matriculating in an undergraduate program, you absolutely must apply to three (3) GEM Member Universities, even if your home institution has indicated they will support you as a GEM Fellow if you are selected.

The only exception is if you are currently matriculating in a graduate program; the same graduate program that you are seeking financial support for  indicates in writing that they are willing to support you as a GEM Fellow, if selected. If you are currently pursuing a MS degree and are applying for the GEM PhD Fellowship, and plan to stay at the same institution, you still must apply to three (3) GEM Member Universities.

GEM Selects/GEM Fellows

5. I have been notified of sponsorship by a GEM Employer, but I have not heard from my employer sponsor. What should I do? Can I still accept the fellowship?

Please contact the GEM Office ( – preferred or 703-562-3646) to help you contact the appropriate GEM Employer representative. Then proceed to accept the fellowship and sign the acceptance form on-line as soon as you are prepared to accept the GEM Fellowship conditions.

6. If I have interviewed with or been contacted by multiple GEM employers that have shared their interest in hiring me and sponsoring me as a GEM Fellow or if I have recently been notified of my selection by a GEM employer, BUT it is not by my GEM preferred employer, am I required to accept the offer from the GEM employer that selected me to receive the GEM Fellowship?

During the GEM employer selection phase of the fellowship process, applicants may be contacted by multiple GEM employers that are interested in interviewing and potentially hiring the applicant as an intern as part of formal GEM Fellowship sponsorship support.  At any point during this process, a GEM employer can select an applicant for sponsorship support. Once this occurs, no other GEM Employer can select the applicant.  It is important to note in this process, that although we take the GEM applicants preferences in consideration, the GEM Employer has the first right of refusal.  In summary, the GEM employer selects the desired applicant for sponsorship support; the applicant does not select the desired GEM employer.

Once the applicant has been selected by a GEM employer, he/she has the option of accepting the internship and sponsorship support offer of the selecting GEM employer. If the GEM applicant chooses not to accept the internship offer, he/she is choosing to decline the GEM Fellowship and will not be eligible to be selected by another GEM employer; nor be eligible to be named as a GEM Associate or University Fellow.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All internships associated with confirmed GEM Fellowships MUST be completed over a 10-12 week period in the Summer (May – August, or September for universities on quarters) Internships that begin or extend beyond the start of the Fall term, when the GEM Fellow is required to begin or continue the on-campus graduate program, are NOT allowed, and acceptance may result in ineligibility for confirmation and declining of the GEM Fellowship.

7. What if I am still unsure about accepting the GEM Fellowship by the deadline?

Your decision to delay accepting the GEM Fellowship prohibits the GEM Employer from seeking the best internship experience in a timely manner. Therefore, in the interest of the GEM Employer and other GEM Applicants, this is not an option.

8. I haven’t decided whether I should go to graduate school or work full time. Can I defer accepting the fellowship? Or can I accept the fellowship and defer starting graduate school?

If you are unsure about your graduate school plans, you should talk to your GEM Employer and University representative. The GEM University Representative, where you have been accepted for graduate school, may be able to defer starting your graduate program or you may be advised to decline the award and reapply when you are ready for graduate school.  You cannot knowingly accept the GEM Fellowship with the intent to defer the start of graduate school to a later date.

9. I was not admitted to my first choice graduate school (or any graduate school). What should I do?

Contact the GEM office and the GEM Representative at the university(ies) that did not admit you, and find out the reasons for your not being admitted. Discuss your options with the department, graduate school or GEM University representative. You may be advised to retake the GRE, or expand the list of graduate schools to consider. If you wish to request deferring the start of graduate school, discuss this possibility with your employer representative. The GEM office may be able to advise you of GEM Member Universities who are accepting late applicants. You may be advised to reapply for a GEM Fellowship when you are prepared to begin graduate school.  Note, final deadlines for university acceptance with funding are communicated to eligible applicant that move forward in the confirmation process.  Applicants that have not been confirmed at a GEM Member University by the published deadline may disqualify themselves from final confirmation as a GEM Fellow.

10. When should I let the GEM Office know my graduate school choice?

You should inform the GEM Office as soon as possible that you have accepted a graduate school offer, but no later than March 18th.  This date is subject to change each year; changes in deadlines are communicated to GEM Selects via email.

As soon as you have accepted a graduate school offer, update the “Plan to Attend” field in your eGEM account to let us know your graduate school choice. This notation also informs the school of your intention to attend that university, potentially expediting your funding support confirmation as a GEM Fellow. Please keep your eGEM account up to date to let us know if you have changed your name, moved or changed e-mail addresses since completing your application.

11. How are stipend checks disbursed? I received an invoice for my graduate school tuition. What should I do?

All funds are administered through the GEM University representative. Please make sure your eGEM account is up to date with internship evaluations, graduate course plan, and updated transcripts such that your GEM stipend can be remitted to your University. Please also meet with your GEM University Representative to determine their requirements to receive your stipend.

12. I have begun my summer internship and do not like my job. Can I switch my Employer sponsor?

You must work for the employer that sponsored you for the GEM Fellowship. If you do not fulfill your obligation, you must decline your GEM Fellowship.

13. Can I accept more than one fellowship?

It depends on what is offered to you. While you may not accept a competing fellowship in addition to the GEM Fellowship, you are eligible to accept many supplemental fellowships. Please call the GEM Office for additional information.