GEM Receives 2022 Presidential Award for Excellence in promoting STEM

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Camille A. Martin, Ph.D.

I-Corps Participant

Camille A. Martin PhD, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Seaspire Skincare, a technology backed beauty company that develops disruptive products using ingredients inspired by nature to make the world healthier, safer, and more sustainable. Her research journey began as an enthusiastic college freshman fascinated with cosmetic chemistry and fueled by her desire to blend the worlds of beauty and science. After completing her undergraduate studies, Dr.Martin went on to continue her education at Northeastern University where she pursued a doctoral degree in Analytical Chemistry and Biomaterials Science. Her work was focused on studying structural and adaptive color in nature as a source of inspiration for designing bio-inspired materials that can be applied for the next-generation of innovative suncare products. Since graduating in Fall 2019 Dr.Martin and her Co-Founder and former Professor Leila F.Deravi have raised over half-million dollars with support from The Engine, a venture fund built by MIT, in their Pre-Seed round to support their efforts in bringing these products to market. As a team they are dedicated to reshaping how consumers think about sun protection and are committed to developing products that are safe for skin and the environment. To learn more about Seaspire Skincare visit www.seaspireskincare.comand subscribe for updates!