GEM Receives 2022 Presidential Award for Excellence in promoting STEM



“Partnering with GEM has allowed Columbia Engineering to recruit outstanding students and be affiliated with an amazing network of universities, corporations, and research centers.”
Tiffany Simon, EdD
Columbia University
“Cornell Engineering, through GEM, is able to recruit and enroll a diverse pool of outstanding students. We are also able to provide our current students with access to excellent resources, such as the GEM GRAD Lab.”
Sara Xayarath Hernández
Cornell University
“Tufts, through GEM, has had the opportunity to expand its outreach efforts to attract more diverse talent to our graduate programs. We will continue to leverage GEM’s strong network to further develop our recruitment efforts.”
Darryl N. Williams, PhD
Tufts University
“The GEM Fellowship database has allowed the McCormick School to increase our URM enrollment by 40% in the span of five years. Along the way we have quadrupled the number of URM PhD applicants.”
Bruce Lindvall, PhD
Northwestern University

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of membership for my university?

GEM University Members provide a top-level commitment to the GEM Consortium and recognize the Fellowship Programs as an important vehicle for the GEM Fellow’s personal development and academic achievement.

Each University Member appoints a well-qualified Board Representative who understands and is interested in the objectives of the GEM Consortium. The representative is skilled in graduate student recruitment and retention. The Board Representative has energy and interest in promoting GEM programs and participating in the GEM Fellow selection process.

GEM University Members each pay a $2,500 per year sustaining membership fee and provide full tuition and fees for GEM Fellows enrolled at their university.

How can the GEM University Representative access the GEM applicant database?

The GEM University Representative must have an eGEM account. If the GEM University Representative does not have an eGEM, please contact the GEM office at [email protected] for assistance.

When can the GEM applicant database be accessed?

The application cycle opens every year on July 1. (Active GEM Universities have year-round access to the GEM database.) We recommend mining the database after key milestones (e.g., October 1 – early consideration deadline; the Monday the week before Thanksgiving week or the second week of November, whichever is the earliest- complete application deadline; January 15th – deadline for GEM applicants to submit a complete application directly to a minimum of three (3 )GEM Member Universities). The GEM office will send an announcement to GEM University Representatives on each milestone date to remind Representatives that it’s a good time to mine the database for their specific recruiting needs.

What are the requirements to support a student through a STEM graduate program?

There are three types of GEM fellows. Member Universities determine which type of GEM fellows they will support at their institution.

What’s included in each Fellowship Award Package by Designation

  • Supporting GEM Employer Fellows (Employee Selected): Member Universities provide full tuition, fees, and minimum $16K stipend; Employers contribute additional $20K.
  • Supporting GEM Associate Fellows: Member Universities provide full tuition and minimum $16K stipend- no Employer contribution.
  • Supporting GEM University Fellows: Member Universities provide full tuition
Supporting an M.S. candidate

The funding for the GEM M.S. Fellowship is up to four semesters or up to six quarters. During the enrollment period, the GEM University Representative is responsible for ensuring that the GEM M.S. Fellow’s tuition and fees are paid and the stipend is disbursed in a timely manner. The GEM University Representative should also monitor the academic progress of GEM M.S. Fellows.

Supporting a Ph.D. candidate

The funding for the GEM Ph.D. Fellowship is up to and including the 5th year of the doctoral program. One year is funded through the GEM National Office (via sponsorship from a GEM Employer and the GEM University). During the remaining years of the PhD program (up to and including the fifth year), GEM Fellows are funded at the same level of other funded doctorate students in the department. GEM Fellows may be expected to accept a teaching or research assistantship. GEM Universities may place additional requirements on GEM Fellows, such as requiring that GEM Fellows obtain in-state residency. GEM Fellows must check with individual GEM Member University representatives to determine if additional requirements exist at that university. During the enrollment period, the GEM University Representative is responsible for ensuring that the GEM Ph.D. Fellow’s tuition and fees are paid and the stipend is disbursed in a timely manner. The GEM University Representative should also monitor the academic progress of GEM Ph.D. Fellows.

How can my university become a GEM member?

Admission of universities to membership in the GEM Consortium is by invitation of the Board of Directors. Consideration is given to the strength of the school’s graduate programs, an expressed interest in the purpose of GEM, and the school’s overall interest in the education of under-represented domestic STEM students. Each University Member appoints a well-qualified Board Representative, who is committed to student success and is willing to promote GEM and graduate education to the campus community. Proposals are submitted to the GEM Office using the University Application PDF form.

Agreement forms will be provided to new consortium members, if the application is accepted.

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