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Charlotte Farmer PhD

Dr. Farmer is an experienced director and board member with proven value creation across high-tech manufacturing and general management consulting.  With over three decades of senior leadership roles at blue chip companies and top-tier firms, she has extensive experience developing strategic plans and executing digital transformation, turnarounds, and post-merger integration.  During this time, Dr. Farmer led several non-governmental organization (NGO) boards.  Currently, she is Board Chair for Mobility Unlimited Technology Worldwide Incorporated, a company focused on safe mobility for WheeldestriansTM and is a Federal Advisor to HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, chat and recruiting automation technology.  Her board expertise includes governance, strategy, and compensation with proven results building high-performing, growth organizations.  Committed to excellence, she is certified as a Professional Director by the American College of Corporate Directors.

Dr. Farmer has spent her career leading some of the world’s most impactful manufacturing companies and consulting firms.  With experience ranging from Strategy to driving P&L, Dr. Farmer is a visionary focused in accelerating growth and transforming operations.  In 2011, Dr. Farmer joined The MITRE Corporation, America’s high-tech research hub, primarily serving the Federal Government with over 9,000 employees.  A relentless collaborator, she realizes corporate strategies and customer requirements through public-private coalitions, calling on Fortune 50 companies and Federal agencies to solve cyber, financial, and transportation security challenges.  Currently, Dr. Farmer is the Managing Director of Operations for MITRE’s Enterprise Computing, Information, and Security, a corporate business unit.

In previous roles, Dr. Farmer’s influence crossed multiple government clients. They include, among others, the U.S. Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Treasury, and Homeland Security. For example, she has partnered with industry and academia to develop open standards that enable small businesses and start-ups to engage with innovate security solutions.  Widely known for her work ethic and approachability, Dr. Farmer helps organizations thrive by establishing programs that deliver purposeful work. Supporting a mammoth financial services client, she guided the successful rollout of a worldwide digital transformation platform that engaged more than 150,000 foreign financial institutions and more than 200 countries. Farmer hopes that the outcome of this effort helps thwart terrorism and human trafficking.  Dr. Farmer focuses on realizing corporate strategies and customer requirements through public-private coalitions, calling on Fortune 50 companies and Federal agencies to solve tomorrow’s problems today.  A convener, she has led industry and academia in strengthening America’s critical infrastructure and accelerating data to healthcare providers during COVID-19.

Despite all her professional commitments, Dr. Farmer still makes it a point to give back.  Her focus on impact in the public interest is just one of the many reasons she was named to Savoy Magazine’s 2020 Most Influential Black Executives in Corporate America. While Savoy Magazine heralded Farmer as an influencer, The Fierce Women ProjectTM recently lauded her as a luminary who inspires, engages, and empowers young women.  Along with these honors, Dr. Farmer is a Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) STEM Modern-Day Technology Leader Award recipient.  Recently, Charlotte received the Paul Harris Fellowship, one of Rotary International’s highest honors. The Fellowship recognizes Dr. Farmer’s contribution and critical MITRE role in hosting and executing the West Point Leadership Ethics and Diversity in STEM (LEADS) Workshops, with the Rotary Club of Springfield, VA and the West Point Society of the District of Columbia, since 2011.  Dr. Farmer has joined the ranks of other distinguished Paul Harris Fellow luminaries, such as, Nelson Mandela, President Jimmy Carter, Britain’s Prince Charles, Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, and Pope Paul II.  Dr. Farmer graduated summa cum laude with a degree in chemical engineering.  She also has a master’s in chemical engineering and an MBA.  A participant in MITRE’s competitive accelerated graduate degree program, she earned her doctorate in systems engineering while working nearly full time.  Dr. Farmer is married with three children.