GEM Receives 2022 Presidential Award for Excellence in promoting STEM

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Craig Green, Ph.D.

GEM Alumnus

Craig Green, Ph.D earned his B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. As a GEM Fellow, he earned his Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. His thesis work focused on developing novel thermal management strategies for next generation electronics. Dr. Green currently serves at the Chief Technology Officer for Carbice, a Georgia Tech spinoff and Advanced Technology Development Center  Company. Carbice developed a thermal tape that helps prevent electronic devices from overheating and potentially catching on fire. Carbice’s heat-conducting tape, made of aluminum foil and carbon nanotubes (cylindrical carbon molecules), replaces hundreds of products used to dissipate heat generated in smartphones, cable set-top boxes and other devices. Carbice’s thermal material is already being used in space satellites. Dr. Green holds 3 patents.