GEM Receives 2022 Presidential Award for Excellence in promoting STEM

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Josué J. López

Current GEM Fellow

Josué J. López is a PhD Candidate in the MIT EECS Department and earned a B.S. in Physics from Rice University and a M.S. in EECS from MIT. Josué has co-authored over a dozen publications in the areas of nanomaterials, photonics, and optics. As of June 2020, he was selected as one of the 2020 Activate Fellowsand will be supported by DARPA to commercialize the light detection and ranging (lidar) technology he has worked on as a GEM Fellow. Upon graduation, Josué will assume his full time role as co-founder and CEO of Kyber Photonics, a startup with a mission to build next generation lidar sensors that enable autonomous vehicles and machines to perceive and navigate the world.