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Troy Nunnally, Ph.D.

GEM Alumna

Troy Nunnally, PhD is a technical co-founder, software launch specialist, machine learning scientist, cyber-security expert, and business strategist. In 2009, he started Brain Rain Solutions, a product development and software company, which specializes in helping companies design, develop, and deploy mobile and web applications. Troy holds a PhD in computer engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology with a concentration in Network Security, Internet of Things, and Machine learning at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Troy has worked with over 100 companies from tech startups to fortune100 companies such as AT&T, McKesson, and PBS. With over $40 million in startup business valuations attributed to his work as a software expert and 10 years of experience in mobile apps and business development, his work continuously demonstrates his dedication to the growth of tech startup companies. In August 2014, Troy was featured as a finalist and the technical co-founder of PartPic ($1.5 million Series A and later acquired), a parts recognition technology, on Tech Crunch Disrupt. He also has served as a consultant and developer for upcoming startups like Monsieur (Series A funding of $2 million and acquired), a smart cocktail drink dispenser. While he has a multitude of projects with large corporations, his passion is to build high adoption technologies that will not only disrupt the market but also make an impact on the communities of people they serve.